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Sidepodquiz 1 - Ollie from BlogF1 - Our first foray into quiz hosting, with tough Formula One questions

Published by Christine

This week sees the debut of Sidepodquiz - a test of Formula 1 knowledge past and present. This pilot show sees Ollie from BlogF1 answer our fiendishly tricky questions, and get a very respectable score.

If you want to hear Ollie take the quiz, it's available via this audio player, otherwise have a go at the quiz yourself - the questions are below. We'd love to hear how you got on, so please let us know your score in the comments.

The Rookie Round

10 questions, 1 point per question

  1. Which high-speed circuit in the Austrian mountains made its debut in 1970? Osterreichring or A1-Ring
  2. In the 2007 season, two drivers participated in only one race. Winkelhock was one, who was the other? Nakajima
  3. Which engine did Sauber debut with in 1993? Ilmor or Mercedes or Sauber
  4. What does the black flag with an orange circle in the centre represent to drivers? Mechanical problem with car, driver must return to pit
  5. Which year did the points system change to its current format? 2003
  6. Which year did the Australian Grand Prix move from Adelaide to Melbourne? 1996
  7. Niki Lauda famously won the world driver's championship by the smallest margin ever when he finished half a point ahead of his nearest rival. What year was this? 1984
  8. Which team had to change its livery prior to the start of the 1999 season? BAR
  9. Which current TV presenter and wannabe Formula 1 star drove an Ensign in the 1980 Belgian Grand Prix? Tiff Needell
  10. What was the relationship between Ian Scheckter and Jody Scheckter? Brothers

Bonus Question

Chosen driver: Sebastian Vettel, 2 points

  1. How many times has Vettel retired so far this year? 6

The Three Stopping Round

Multiple Choice, 2 points per question

  1. How long in kilometres to the nearest decimal place is a lap of the Valencian street cirucit? 4.9, 5.2, or 5.4? 5.4
  2. March Engineering arrived in Formula 1 in 1970, but where did they finish in the constructors championship that year? 7th, 3rd, 5th? 3rd
  3. In the 2000 season, how many races of the 17 on the calendar were won by Ferrari? 10, 12 or 14? 10
  4. Which 1973 Grand Prix saw the introduction of the Safety Car for the first time in Formula 1? Germany, Italy, Canada? Canada
  5. How many times as Michael Schumacher been disqualified from an F1 race in his career? Twice, three times or four? Twice

Bonus Question

Chosen driver: Sebastian Vettel, 2 points

  • What is Vettel's career points total so far? 29

Who Am I?

30 second time limit, points = time remaining after correct answer given

I was born on January 11th 1983 in Starnberg. My father came from Uruguay, but moved to Germany at the age of 28. I speak fluent German, English, Spanish , and a little Italian. I began karting at the age of 14, and progressed to Formula Ford 1800 in 2002. I won all ten rounds of the season from pole position. My first F1 role was as test driver for MF1 Racing, before I was given a race drive in 2007 by Spyker. I am now a Force India driver and race alongside Giancarlo Fisichella.

Adrian Sutil

Ten Second Trivia

Guess four on a certain subject - ten points for all four, otherwise 1 point each

  • Jean Alesi drove for six teams during his Formula 1 career. Name four of them. Tyrrell, Ferrari, Benetton, Sauber, Prost, Jordan

Ollie scored 35 out of 64 points and is first on our brand new Sidepodquiz Leaderboard.

Let us know how you get on, what you think of the quiz, and whether you'd be up for taking part. We'll give further details about signing up closer to the time of the next round.