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Sidepodpanel - Why does God hate Finnish people? - The second series of this infamous panel show comes to an end

Published by Christine

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The final episode of Sidepodpanel series 2 sees guest host Amy take the reigns and guide us through topics such as feeder series, budget caps, driver slogans, and of course, those impressions.

Joining us on tonight's panel:

  • Gavin Brown
  • Steven Roy
  • Scott Woodwiss
  • Andy Taylor
  • Chris
  • Bassano Clapper

That's all for this series of Sidepodpanel, we've not got two series under our belts. If you want to enjoy any of the previous episodes, take a look through the archives, otherwise look forward to the third although we don't know when it will be.

Additional information

  • Remembered as: The one with a lightning round and a hat
  • Host: Amy
  • Team 2 Stopper – Bassano, Steven, Andy
  • Team 3 Stopper – Scott, Gavin, Chris


  • Do you think the 2009 regulations improved the racing in Spain at all?
  • Short of allowing unrestricted testing again, how do you think young drivers could get more relevant F1 experience?
  • Although some of the teams are in favour of budget caps, none are in favour of a two-tier system. What do you think the response from the FIA? Will we see any changes in these regulations and do you think that FOTA will be able to stay strong throughout this argument?
  • Come up with a snappy slogan for one of the main unions in Formula 1, either the GPDA or FOTA?
  • How relevant do you think performance in feeder series is to Formula 1 and do you think Formula 1 will rate GP2 above F2 or vice versa?
  • Lightning Round – I’m gonna pick a driver out of the hat and in ten words or less, I would like you to describe their race today.
  • Do you think the driver’s championship is already a foregone conclusion or do you expect someone to challenge later on in this season?
  • Kimi’s just him up and drive attitude seemed to be acceptable when he was winning but what do you think of it and do you think he should be doing more to command such a high salary?
  • Do an impression of Kimi in a press conference after he has won a race or he has taken a pole position.