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Sidepodpanel - Who needs a pinger when you've got a Gavin? - This time the panel discuss annoyances within F1 and career-swapping

Published by Christine

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Long time paneller, first time host, Gavin takes the helm today to guide us through such topics as sports cars, swapping careers, and what could possibly make F1 more annoying. There are laughs aplenty in this show, which introduces a couple of new voices to the panel, as well.

Joining us on tonight's panel:

  • Jeremy
  • Jackie
  • Ollie
  • Lukeh
  • Steven Roy
  • Andy Taylor

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Additional information

  • Remembered as: The one with Brawnmowers
  • Host: Gavin Brown
  • Team FOTA – Andy, Jeremy, Jackie
  • Team FIA – Ollie, Lukeh, Steven


  • We’ve already heard your top three predictions, what else do you think is going to happen in Melbourne?
  • Which is in better health – sportscars or Formula 1?
  • Jeremy told us in Australia there is a phrase called “doing a Bradbury” in honour of an athlete Steven Bradbury, who’s an Australian speedskater who struggled to reach the top of his sport and when he finally got to the Olympic final, he was very much the underdog, and managed to win because everybody else in front of him crashed out. Who in F1 is going to do or has done a Bradbury?
  • Inspired by Bruno Senna’s switch from GP2 to DTM, I’d like you guys to come up with the strangest series swap for an F1 driver.
  • Before every NASCAR race, there’s a cartoon called Digger. What can F1 do to be more annoying than Digger?