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Sidepodpanel - Two tribes - The potential medals table idea is up for discussion amongst this week's panel

Published by Christine

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Another guest host takes the lead in this edition of Sidepodpanel, as Andy Taylor chairs the topical show, covering all manner of F1 related items. This week we discuss the championship results, Bernie's medal table, and there are some musical references as well.

Joining us on tonight's panel:

  • Ollie
  • Steven
  • Lou
  • Gavin
  • Scott
  • Journeyer

We welcomed two brilliant new panellers on this show, with Ollie and Lou both taking up the Sidepodpanel challenge for the first time. If anyone else is interested in having a go (and more importantly a laugh) on a Sunday night, then sign up via the wiki.

Additional information

  • Remembered as: The one where Christine was sick (and gave all the Franck & Seb points…)
  • Host: Andy Taylor
  • Team Champaaaagne: Ollie, Steven, Lou
  • Team Cupcake: Gavin, Scott, Journeyer


  • In your opinion, does Lewis deserve the championship, and will he, as Michael Schumacher himself predicted, go on to break some or all of Schumacher’s records?
  • With the exception of the revelations in the tabloid press about the FIA President, we’ve had a slightly less controversial season than last year. What, for you, were the highlights, and which embarrassing moments do you think the teams or drivers would prefer to forget?
  • Is the medals system a stupid idea or a really stupid idea, and what changes would you make instead?
  • There are some significant rule changes next year, with regard to aerodynamics, tyres, and the introduction of KERS. Which change do you think will have the most significant effect, and which team will be the quickest to adapt?
  • Last week, ITV said goodbye to television viewers after 12 years of Formula 1 coverage, and the BBC take over in 2009. Who would be on your dream team of commentators, and which current sports commentator, apart from James Allen, would be least suited to the job?
  • Can I have your suggestions, please, for song titles with a Formula 1 theme?