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Sidepodpanel - Puddles - This time the panel talk of Lewis Hamilton's future, F1 technology and more

Published by Christine

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Chris Evans stands in as a last minute host, but ably guides us through topics such as where Lewis Hamilton could go if he were to move teams, what F1 technology you would want in real life, and of course, there are imitations galore.

Joining us on tonight's panel:

  • Gavin Brown
  • Steven Roy
  • Andy Taylor
  • Scott Woodwiss
  • Alex Andronov

Sidepodpanel will be back next week, assuming we can find a guest host to take the reigns. If you fancy having a go, please sign up on the wiki. If you'd rather take part as a panellist, there's also a page for that.

Additional information

  • Remembered as: The One Where Everyone Went Poetic in the Style of James Allen
  • Host: Chris Evans
  • Team Fish and Chips – Alex, Scott, Pat
  • Team Alex’s Trousers – Steven, Andy, Gavin


  • Now that the double decker diffusers have been declared legal, first do you agree with the WMSC’s decision, and how much d’you think it’s going to affect the grid from now on?
  • The diffuser scandal may be over but the lying scandal is still ongoing. How do you see the situation panning out and what do you think is going to happen to McLaren?
  • Ferrari have now had their worst start to a season since 1981, do you think Kimi’s right when he says it’s already too late for them to challenge for either the World titles?
  • Red Bull have had a fantastic weekend all round, even though they are one of the teams that aren’t running the double decker diffusers. Does this prove Ross Brawn’s point that the diffusers aren’t as important as a lot of the other teams seem to think? If so, just how good do you think the Red Bulls will get on once they do get new diffusers?
  • Mark Webber’s always been used to outperforming his teammate but now Vettel has beaten him to Red Bull’s first win. Although he’s probably celebrating as we speak, how harmful to the rest of Webber’s career do you think today has been?
  • Based on what we’ve seen so far, do you think Vettel is now going to become Jenson’s biggest challenger for the title?
  • If you’re like me, you probbly missed the Moto GP last weekend because they were all busy hiding from the rain for 24 hours. With that in mind, do you think Bernie was watching and will he pay any attention to what happened when he’s planning races for the next few seasons?
  • With races being scheduled later and later in the day and at ridiculous times during the year, do you think we could get a similar situation in F1 where a race is either delayed or completely postponed?
  • Once the race was cancelled, it didn’t take long for them to reorganise it for hte following night and the Moto GP organisers actually came out of the weekend looking relatively competent, which for us F1 fans is a bit of a novelty. In a similar situation, how do you think the FIA would react?
  • A lot has been said over the last week about Lewis’s relationship with McLarne, and the possibility of him leaving the team by the end of the year. How much do you think the departure of Ron Dennis has affected his relationship with the rest of the team?
  • If Lewis were to leave McLaren, which team do you think would be prepared to give him a seat?
  • Which team would you like to see Lewis driving for and what teammate would you pair him with?
  • Choose a piece of F1 technology you’d like to see become part of our everyday lives and tell us why it would be more awesome than anything we saw in the exhibit?
  • I want you all to choose a moment from F1 past and present and commentate on it in James Allen’s new style.