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Sidepodpanel - Lewis... call me - The infamous panel show returns with our first new host of the year

Published by Christine

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The first Sidepodpanel of 2009 returns with a brand new host - RG - and a mix of new and returning panellists. Expect topics such as Brawn GP, future champions and the best testers.

Joining us on tonight's panel:

  • Bassano Clapper
  • Steven Roy
  • Andy Taylor
  • Gavin Brown
  • Chris Evans
  • Alex Andronov

There will be five more episodes in this series of Sidepodpanel, so if you haven't already registered your interest, you can do so on the wiki. As ever, your feedback and suggestions are always welcome.

Additional information

  • Remembered as: The one where we lost the host!
  • Host: RG
  • Team Honda – Bassano, Steven, Andy
  • Team Gonda – Gavin, Chris, Giggles


  • Is Ross Brawn the best person to take the Brawn GP job after loads of other people – every person under the sun – has been linked with it?
  • Will the lack of testing affect team Brawn?
  • Is the pace shown in the Barcelona test going to be their true pace?
  • Will USF1 really make it in 2010?
  • Are there really two suitable US drivers for the team?
  • Can USGPE make it more successful than other open-wheel sports in the US?
  • Which team do you think has benefitted from the pre-season testing the most?
  • Recently, everyone has been saying in the F1 paddock, McLaren are struggling, even McLaren are saying it themselves. Are they really struggling?
  • From the performance, who do you think will perform the best in Australia?
  • Which is the best looking 2009 car?
  • Which is the best livery on the grid?
  • Which one is the ugliest looking car?
  • Brawn GP is looking rather dull right now, with white and highlighter pen scribbled all over it. Even though it doesn’t have any sponsors, what colour do you think the Brawn GP should be?
  • There’s been a lot of testing recently. Which driver would you like to have as your teams test driver?
  • Name some up and coming drivers that aren’t yet in F1 but who in the future may win the world championship?
  • Which current F1 driver do you have a man crush on?