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Sidepodpanel - I lost my count - Bringing the panel points into harsh focus, the latest Sidepodpanel is here

Published by Christine

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This week, Journeyer takes the guest host spot, bringing various questions regarding the Australian Grand Prix, plus the new BBC coverage. There's also an imitation round in the Killer Question.

Joining us on tonight's panel:

  • Mr C
  • Lukeh
  • Gavin Brown
  • Steven Roy

The panel is taking a short break now, and should return the weekend of the Chinese Grand Prix - the 19th April. You can still sign up though, on the Wiki, and we are looking for future hosts as always.

Additional information

  • Remembered as: The One Where The Host Lost Count
  • Host: Journeyer
  • Team VirginF1 – Lukeh, Mr C
  • Team BrawnGP – Gavin, Steven


  • Who surprised you the most in today’s Grand Prix?
  • There were a lot of protests over a variety of things this weekend. So, if you were Max, if you were the FIA, what changes would you make to improve the system?
  • What are your initial thoughts on the ugly car regulations – do they work or not?
  • What do you think has been hte most influential rules change F1 has ever seen and why?
  • Was the penalty given to Trulli after the race fair or not? If you were a steward what would you have decided?
  • On a scale of 1 to 5 with 5 being the highest, how do you rathe the BBC’s coverage this weekend? If it’s not a 5, what can they do to make it a 5?
  • Think of your favourite moment in F1 and describe it to us in the way Murray Walker would, or James Allen?