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Sidepodpanel - Holding out for a Timo - Two guest hosts take the reigns of the latest panel discussion

Published by Christine

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A bumper Sidepodpanel gets smaller as the show goes on, but we have two guest hosts with some fantastic topics (and double the killer questions as well). Expect space travel, songs, and cartoon characters as Jackie and Lou take the helm.

Joining us on tonight's panel:

  • Gavin Brown
  • Steven Roy
  • Amy
  • Lukeh
  • Alex Andronov
  • Scott Woodwiss (for Q1)
  • Mr C (for Q1)

The final Sidepodpanel of this series is approaching fast, so if you fancy having a go, please register your interest on the wiki.

Additional information

  • Remembered as: The One Where Christine Tweeted the Answers
  • Host: Jackie and Lou
  • Team Man-Flu – Amy, Alex, Lukeh, Scott (for Question 1)
  • Team Sniffles – Steven, Gavin, Shaun, Mr C (for Question 1)


  • Eddie Jordan seems to think that KERS is a bit of a waste of money and time. What do you think about this, do you agree?
  • Who would you most like to send into space and why?
  • It’s the Spanish Grand Prix next weekend and many cars are going to have new pieces of development on the car. Do you think this is going to affect the order again and if so which team do you think will improve? And do you think any won’t improve at all?
  • Re. the budget caps – do you see this argument developing, do you agree with Max’s statement and if so what kind of future do you invisage for Ferrari within motorracing?
  • It’s possible we might have 3 new teams in F1 next year – USF1, Lola and Prodrive. If you were able to create and enter a new F1 team, what would you call it and who would your ideal drivers be?
  • If you could change any of the current drivers and put them into any team on the grid, would you just mix them up a bit or bring in new talent – who would you replace and why?
  • Can you think of anyone from the F1 paddock who acts or looks like a cartoon character?
  • Which driver or F1 personality would you like to compose a song for, what would you sing, and can you suggest any suitable soundtrack?