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Sidepodpanel - Chrome monster - There's plenty to discuss with our panel, including tweaks to the qualifying format

Published by Christine

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The penultimate episode of Sidepodpanel sees Dan Brunell take the helm and lead our intrepid panellists (including new boy Chris) through such subjects as Bernie' job and the qualifying changes.

Joining us on tonight's panel:

  • Lou
  • Ollie
  • Gavin
  • Scott
  • Steven
  • Chris

With just one more episode to go in this series of Sidepodpanel, make sure to head over to the wiki and register your intent to take part. We're facing Skype issues by the million, but it all turns out right in the end, and we'll make sure the final show is the best of the lot.

Additional information

  • Remembered as: The first one with a guest call host!
  • Host: Dan Brunell
  • Team Slavica: Lou, Ollie, Chris
  • Team Bernie: Gavin, Scott, Steven


  • How worried should Rubens Barrichello be for his seat at Honda, in lieu of the testing last week?
  • What are some of hte things that surprised you the most about the technical side of the cars?
  • Going into next year, could Webber’s broken leg affect him, or how will this affect Red Bull’s off-season testing programme?
  • Toro Rosso tested out a lot of new drivers last week. Who stood out in your mind, and who made the best case for a drive?
  • Everyone’s favourite Frenchman Sebastien Bourdais, is his seat more or less safe than it was last week?
  • Motorcycle champion Valentino Rossi stated after doing a test drive with the 2008 Ferrari, quote: “Well, I’m more and more convinced that with a bit of time I could have been good in F1.” Based on what you’ve seen on him, could he have been?
  • As we all know, next year presents a whole new set of technical challenges, not only for the teams but the drivers. With lower downforcce cars and slick tyres, some drivers will benefit more than others. Who do you see will benefit from the rule changes, and who will not?
  • The FOTA will meet next month to discuss yet another qualifying format. The proposed system will be a basic knockout system where the slowest driver from each lap is taken out until there’s one F1 car left standing. Is this a good idea, if not, what quaifying format should the sport have?
  • Bernie’s been in the news lately for tings not related to Formula 1. However, it does raise a question. Bernie is 78 years old and yet his grip on Formula 1 has seemed not to fade with age. On top of that, there really seems to be no successor in line to take over FOM when he goes away. With the future leadership in doubt, who would you like to see takeover FOM in Formula 1? Who has the right mix of grid experience and business savvy in order to be successful?
  • With Bernie finally slamming the door on the Canadian GP, it seems like F1 is giving up on North America. What do you think is the future of F1 in North America?
  • In this round, Christine will draw the name of a team out of a hat, and you must do an impression of one of the Top Gear presenters doing a test driver of that team’s car.