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Sidepodmeetup: How many reasons do you need? - Get together with your fellow Sidepodcast readers in London

Published by Bassano

On the Strand
On the StrandCredit: CC: SteveCadman / Flickr

Roll up, roll up! It's that time again. You are cordially invited to the next SidepodMeet-Up on… hang on a minute!

Did I not suggest on a SidepodBoston write up that you consider arranging a SidepodGathering yourself in the near future? Well, what have you to say for yourself? Take your internet reading device, place yourself on the naughty step and I'll carry on

Where was I? Oh yes, the particulars.

Next Wednesday, June 29th, some like minded folk will be convening in a London establishment close to our hearts.

Why is this? I hear you ask.

In a bulletpoint dodging fashion:

a) Super SidepodCommenter Kai is traipsing over from American shores to visit these isles. It's only polite to say hello in person, you know you want to

b) With Goodwood, the British GP, Wimbledon and other summery events getting close, it's the ideal time to discuss plans or get roped into new ventures

c) There's a perfect opportunity to de-lurk, we're a nice bunch really

d) We're open to all reasonable suggestions of celebratory significance

e) You realise there's a pub involved, don't you?

So, if you can make it to 91-92 Strand, London for 7-ish and onward, I'll try to nab the upstairs corner of The Coal Hole, at the back. Buy me a Guinness as you pass the bar and come and say hi. There's quite likely to be travelling tweets and comments as revellers make their way there on the night. We'll do our best to check in with the comments for updates and suggestions but it has been known for previous Sidepodcast contingents to cause extreme localised cell tower fatigue. Best you say your piece in person.

On this occasion, I think it's fitting to say, I'll see you at the bar.