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Sidepodfilmclub - There's nothing I can't do with a race car - The return of our motorsport-related movie session takes in the career of Cole Trickle

Published by Christine

It's movie time here at Sidepodcast, as once again we provide the ways and means to fill at least two hours of the extended summer break. If you're new to the Sidepodfilmclub, the premise is simple. Get yourself a copy of the chosen title, sit down at the allotted time and press play - then enjoy the movie in the company of the fabulous commenting community.

This time out we had a selection of films in mind, which simply means there will have to be more frequent outings for the Sidepodfilmclub. For the 2012 summer break, though, it's all about the highs and lows of NASCAR, and the adventures of one certain Cole Trickle. Here follow the details that you need to know:

FilmDays of Thunder
DateSaturday 25th August
Time20:00 GMT+1

I hope you can join us for the fun-filled evening. There'll be a live event thread posted just beforehand and we'll hopefully all manage to stay in sync for long enough to laugh at the dodgy haircuts and embarrassing outfits.