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Sidepodfilmclub - Summer break edition - We prepare to watch a little bit of Herbie action

Published by Christine

Mr C and I had just started talking about bringing back the Sidepodfilmclub for another outing, when the conversation also cropped up in the comments. This serendipity must mean that the time has come.

In case you are new to the format, here's a quick rundown - it's very simple. We choose a film and a date. Participants all grab a copy of the film (hopefully the same version, although we've had Director's Cut issues in the past), and at the allotted time, we all press play as one. Then we comment our way through the movie. So far, we've consumed Talladega Nights, which was new to us and hilarious, and Cars, which is always brilliant.

In keeping with the motoring theme, and to tarnish the memory of the terrible Lindsay Lohan sequel that I sat through, I thought perhaps we could watch The Love Bug. It's available on iTunes, and it's an oldie but a goody. If there are other suggestions, though, we are absolutely open to them. The only real criteria is that it's available via Apple, otherwise Mr C and I cannot take part.

We're also looking for date and time suggestions. We usually get going about 8pm and the last two events have been held on a Saturday. This Saturday, perhaps? That is the 14th August. If no one is available on that day, though, we are happy to move it around.

Let us know your thoughts, suggestions, ideas, and I look forward to the next edition of the Sidepodfilmclub!