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Sidepodchat - Women in motorsport - Alex asks the questions, as the topic on the table is the female presence in F1

Published by Christine

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In fine Sidepodchat tradition, the tables are turned on us and this time I'm answered the questions. For her university project, Alex Downing asks the probing questions about the subject of women in motorsport - why aren't there more drivers, what is holding them back, and what does the future hold for a female presence in Formula One and beyond?

It's a brief chat through some difficult subjects, including what role the grid girls play, if any, and whether the problems women face breaking into Formula One stem from the top down, or the bottom up. Many thanks to Alex for asking the questions, and allowing us permission to post the interview as a podcast. You can find more of Alex's writing on her F1 blog and follow her on Twitter @8_enginerule.