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Sidepodchat - The fastest Grand Prix driver ever - Steven Roy returns to talk about the legend that was Gilles Villeneuve

Published by Christine

Sidepodchat - The fastest Grand Prix driver ever audio waveform

In the second of our story-telling specials, Steven Roy turns his previously published guest post into an audio treat, and informs us about the fastest racer ever, Gilles Villeneuve.

"Gilles Villeneuve died on 8th May 1982 during qualifying for the Belgian GP at Zolder. He was in a rage after being betrayed by his team mate in the San Marino GP two weeks earlier. F1 lost the greatest driver of his generation and one of its most popular drivers ever. I decided to write a few words to mark the anniversary and it turned into a bit of a monster. I could easily have written 10 times as much..."

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