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Sidepodchat - Of testing, weight and winners - The latest edition to our podcast family introduces a new roundtable discussion

Published by Christine

Sidepodchat - Of testing, weight and winners audio waveform

It's a new year and a new show, with the debut of Sidepodchat. The premise is simple, a few callers on Skype, some topics to discuss, and plenty of time to talk things over. This inaugural show features wet weather testing, the weight of paint, and who'll be a first time winner in 2009.

Joining us for this first chat:

  • Steven Roy
  • Alex Andronov
  • Jolly
  • Jackie
  • Gavin Brown

We can't promise when and where this show will turn up in the Sidepodcast schedule, but if you feel like taking part, visit the Wiki to sign up. The live show is available, if you want to get a feel of what it's like, and we look forward to talking to you.