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Sidepodchat - Of numbers, stats and Barrichello - The new Interview with Bloggers series hits the airwaves

Published by Christine

Sidepodchat - Of numbers, stats and Barrichello audio waveform

We introduce the first of our new Bloggers Interview series, scheduled to appear in the Sidepodradio extravaganza.

Vital Statistics

  • Blog: Making Up The Numbers
  • Tagline: F1 viewed from the numbers perspective
  • Author: Gavin Brown
  • First Post: 17th, May 2009

Steven Roy asks the questions and guides us through such topics as how one gets started writing a blog post, where the ideas come from, and what the ideal blog post would be.

If you are a blogger and fancy taking part in this ongoing series, then sign up on the wiki. We'd love to hear from you!