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Sidepodchat - He irks me in a certain way - Jordan poses the questions, as the Sidepodcast hosts take the hot seat

Published by Christine

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For the second time in Sidepodcast's history, we're letting the tables be turned and the questions to be asked at us, rather than the other way round. Jordan Wilman has spent a long time phoning in his race predictions and season reviews, and now he gets a chance to pose some questions to us.

From the early days of Sidepodcast, we cover the history of the site and how many of the ideas for podcasts came about. We also chat about awards and how the community aspect is important to us. As well as looking at site specific detail, we also ponder how our love affair with Formula One began.

There's time to consider the shape of the sport at the moment, who is going to be on top in 2013, and what the coming regulation changes might do to spice things up. We also stake our claim on the top job, and lay out our plans for F1 if we were in charge.