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Sidepodchat - I hear he's quite handy with a pencil and some CFD - The roundtable discussions return in a short and snappy format

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In the first of what we hope might become a regular feature, the F1 community meet for a ten minute roundtable discussion covering Lotus Racing's statement of intent.

Lotus announced on Wednesday it had recruited design director Mark Smith from rivals Force India. Two further members of the Force India team, Lewis Butler and Marianne Hinson will also be jumping ship, along with Mark. Up for discussion is where the move leaves Vijay Mallya's team and how long it might take Lotus to reap the benefits.

The recruitments come on the back of news that Force India F1 are seeking damages, after it claims Lotus benefited from the use of the Force India team's intellectual property. We discuss the timing and the relation of the two pieces of news, and how Jenson Button might just save the day. Maybe.

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