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Sidepodcast in verse - F1 poetry makes a Sidepodcast comeback

Published by Ernie Black

I'm a lifelong Formula One fan and have been writing about the sport for years. Just recently, I started my own blog. I work in IT with a focus on Disaster Recovery, I dream of being an F1 journalist or being involved in the sport in almost any capacity. I found a unique way to express my passion through poetry. I'm hoping this approach to F1 writing might get me noticed by someone who can help me achieve my goals. I've been writing some testing updates in verse, and here's a quick poem about Sidepodcast.

Formula One
Moves quick and fast
You simply must follow

What is it? You ask
Why should I care?
Too many sites
To follow out there

This is where
You would be mistaken
This site allows
Your senses to waken

It's a community focused
Motorsport site
Where news and opinions
Come forth in new light

The technology used
To stimulate thought
Discussion and views
And info you sought

Innovative and clever
This technology rocks
Think motorsport coverage
Out of the box

Its audio, video
And Interactive
Internationally known
And Hyperactive

Hot Paddock Gossip,
Roundtable discussions,
Dedicated race coverage,
With no repercussions

In 2007
The first show went live
F1 fans buzzing
Like bees round a hive

An Aside with Joe
Is the show to attend
With Joe Saward
The F1 legend

Let’s not forget
Giggles Radio Show
With DJ Alex
Pumping tunes that flow

Hosts Christine Blachford
And Mr. C
Do a phenomenal job
And do it for free

You'll find no ads
There are no fees
Feel free to donate
If you so please

I'm telling you all
This site is the bomb
Write this down quick