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Sidepodcast Guide, aka why there's no show today - Introducing a brand new mini series covering Formula One as a whole

Published by Christine

In case you missed last week's show, or if you just weren't paying attention, I'm here to tell you that... well, we're not here!

No, what I'm really trying to tell you that there isn't your usual show today, so if you're waiting by your computer, hitting refresh - it will be to no avail.

You don't get one show this week.

Instead, you're going to get seven!! Starting tomorrow, there are seven short parts of the new Sidepodcast Guide to Formula 1. It's a guide for people who are new to F1 and it's something we've had a couple of requests for.

If you're new to the sport, I hope it can give you a kick-start into what to look out for each race. You may, however, have been a fan for longer than me, and in that case, tune in anyway, so that you don't get Sidepodcast withdrawal symptoms.

The seven shows will take you through to next Sunday, so no show then either.

But, it's not like there's any news anywhere, is there?