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Sidepodcast Diaries - The return - Pondering the future of the behind the scenes video fun

Published by Christine

Sidepodcast Diaries has seen quite the evolution since it was first conceived in the midst of 2007. We were travelling in the car, somewhat bored, and decided to switch the camera on. The idea was to feature some behind the scenes footage of us as we went about our Sidepodbusiness, so you could all get a glimpse at the inner workings of the podcasting scene.

However, it gradually evolved into my own pet project, a video blog of my thoughts on Formula 1. It lasted nine great shows in 2007, all exclusively hosted on our YouTube account. It was never really a part of Sidepodcast, more of an aside for anyone who happened across it.

In 2008, I tried to bring the format back, but whilst my production skills had clearly improved, the recording equipment left me slightly frustrated. Balancing a mobile phone on a bookshelf and hoping for the best didn't really inspire me to continue. Also, last season, we introduced live streaming, which in itself gave plenty of insight into our thoughts about Formula 1 - including those which don't make it into the podcasts themselves.

Nevertheless, the 2009 resolutions have spoken, and the Diaries have returned, with renewed enthusiasm.

The big question is, what to do with them? We didn't really have any intention of returning to YouTube, after a problematic year, but I discovered a neat bonus for sticking with the Tube. The Wiki allows video from said host to be embedded, meaning I have now managed to set up a nice little section for Sidepodcast Diaries to call its own.

Is that enough though? I've already had a couple of emails asking why the videos aren't part of the Sidepodcast site. I request comments in the show itself, and although there is scope to do so on YouTube and the Wiki, perhaps it is missing out on the majority of the Sidepodcommunity thoughts. There is also the added problem of letting people know that a new Diary is available.

However, bringing it into the site causes it's own added problems. Transcripts, hosting, and an RSS Feed become a necessity, plus a space on the Archives page, it's own images, and the fact the format already has a history. Quite a lot of work goes into adding a new show to the roster.

Nevertheless, while we ponder over the options, please enjoy the eleventh in the series. Your feedback is always welcome, on any of the issues I've mentioned above, plus on the show itself, and of course, your own unanswered questions.