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Sidepodcast Diaries 9 - The transcripts - A few thoughts on the McLaren espionage hearing

Published by Christine

My opinions after finally finishing both of the transcripts.


[Written on paper, with pages turning at each line break]

Hello everyone!

I've just finished reading both transcripts!

I usually leave this stuff to the geeky one but...

Even I'm intrigued what goes on behind closed doors.

I even have opinions!


The transcriber is obviously not an F1 fan... Who the hell is Patty Lowe and Ross Born?

They sound like a crime fighting duo - pow - biff.


I don't see how they proved anything. Seems to be that Coughlan was trying to get the info in and no one was biting.

Except Pedro de la Rosa. He's the only one I was suspicious of...

And even he said he had the information but decided it was useless.


Why wasn't the 2007 car inspected? It's all hearsay and statements and no real evidence.


Lewis Hamilton made it all about him again. 3 pages worth. Honestly!

All in all, in my opinion, from what I've read, disclaimer, disclaimer, disclaimer.

There wasn't enough evidence and I'm with McLaren.

And like we said on the blog:

What was the rush?

I recommend reading the transcripts, all 81 and 115 pages. Then join in the debate - 0121 28 TRACK.