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Sidepodcast Diaries 8 - Confusion - Clarifying recent thoughts on the Hungarian Grand Prix preview video

Published by Christine

Trying to clear up the confusion resulting from the latest Hungarian Preview video.


Christine: There seems to have been a bit of confusion with our latest video, the Hungarian Race Preview. Check this bit out.

Clip from video: Personally, I will be intrigued to see the ongoing battle between Ferrari and McLaren, especially now the espionage hearing is over and Ferrari are none too pleased that Ferrari were given the all-clear.

Christine: I think I must have said it with a bit of finality because people are thinking that I think that the whole thing is over. As if. There are new bits of information leaking out every day, every hour almost. I won't go into the details now because we've got a great conversation going on over at the blog so make sure you head over there and have your say if you haven't already.

I'm letting my learned friend take charge of the comments over there because he knows a lot more about the technical stuff than I do, and you know, he loves a good conspiracy theory.

So back to the video, my deepest apologies if there was any confusion, all I can say is this: [onscreen] "What has been published does not match the thoughts I wanted to express."

You know what I'm saying.