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Sidepodcast Diaries 7 - In-fighting - Recapping the recent Formula One news, including Scott Speed's troubles

Published by Christine

It's been a while, so let's enjoy a catchup of F1 thoughts.


Christine: I haven't done one of these for ages, it's been much too long. But I've been busy upgrading my video editing software so hopefully this is a marked improvement from the previous ones. Anyway, a lot's been happening in the world of Formula 1. Breaking news that I just read today at work - McLaren are pretty much cleared of any wrongdoing in this whole spying thing. I think they were... the jury were satisfied that McLaren had the documents, but couldn't find enough evidence to prove that they'd done anything with them. Which, you know, I think that's fair enough. I think the whole thing's a bit silly really to be honest. I mean, obviously spying is wrong and we don't want cheating in our sport, but I do wonder whether the whole thing could have been sorted out a bit more amicably, a bit less publicly. Because let's face it, the whole media, journalists, bloggers, all those people, we've all had an absolute field day with this topic. But I'm sure the British public will be pleased that Hamilton won't have any points docked.

Speaking of the boy wonder, I heard that he's all bruised up after his crash in Germany. He said that, you know they were concerned when we saw footage of him wiggling his legs up and down, he said he was doing it cos he was in so much pain. I thought maybe it was just a reaction to crashing, whereas the commentators were going, oh I hope nothing's broken, I hope there's nothing seriously wrong. I mean, you would be a bit jittery if you'd just crashed, wouldn't you? But either way, nothing too serious. He's just got a few bruises. It's good to know he's human, really. Because I had been wondering.

Also, Scott Speed is in a bit of trouble, isn't he? He's been fighting with his boss, almost literally. There's talk of an assault on him or something, and he's sure that they're out to get him - a witch-hunt, I think is the word that was used. Oh dear, poor Scott Speed. I mean, he has been a bit of an idiot in the past, but you know, it's not very nice to be picked on. I hope whatever he does next makes him happy.

Oh and the last thing I wanted to mention was that advert that's on TV at the moment for Mercedes, that's got Alonso and Hamilton just larking about basically. And I think there's a special guest in there too. I'm sure you've seen it by now, but if you haven't, check out this link [link no longer works]. It's really good, I just love seeing drivers just laughing and having fun and getting on with each other. It makes a nice change, especially at the moment where this championship is so tense and, you know, stressful and it seems like everyone's getting at everyone else, and being horrible. So it's good to see people having a laugh, it's what Formula 1 should be about. It's all about the fun. And racing, as well.