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Sidepodcast Diaries 6 - Patriotism - Revising thoughts on Lewis Hamilton as the British GP approaches

Published by Christine

A quick update before we head off to the race.


Christine: I had a meeting with my boss today and he said: "Oh, you're off on holiday on Friday. Going anywhere nice?" And I said: "We're going to Silverstone to watch the Grand Prix." and he said: "I didn't know you were a Formula 1 fan." I'm like: "Hell yea, have you seen my coat?" Anyway, and I was just like: "Yea, yea, I am." And he said: "Is your boyfriend a Formula 1 fan?" I said: "It's all his fault that I am." Anyway, then he said: "So I guess you're hoping Lewis Hamilton's gonna do well?" And I'm like: "Yea, yea, he's done really well so far, I hope he does well now." Um, so I kind of lied a bit because I don't hope Lewis Hamilton does well and I don't know why.

I've revised my previous thoughts of him. I don't think he's the arrogant idiot that I thought he was. He seems very nice, very down-to-earth, but there's something about him still and I think it's the team that are doing it too him. And it's not because I favour Alonso, because I don't, really. But I was so happy when Räikkönen overtook him in France. How very unpatriotic.