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Sidepodcast Diaries 5 - Goodwood Festival of Speed - Recapping a cold and damp festival with the help of some numbers

Published by Christine

Goodwood - cold, wet, but loving it.


Christine: This is Goodwood, it's cold, it's wet. I was having a good time, not quite so sure. Here's my Goodwood in Numbers.

  • Number of photos we've taken - 800 (so far)
  • Number of umbrellas I can see - 121 (it's got to be at least that many) [shot of the crowd] (see?)
  • Number of times Lewis Hamilton has been mentioned on Goodwood radio - 49 (especially when Steve Ryder was there)
  • Famous people we've seen - about 20 (including a glimpse of Mr L. Hamilton)
  • Formula 1 teams in attendance - 7
  • People I've seen fall over in the mud - 3 (and none of them were me!)
  • Races Jenson has competed in - 1 (it was on a pedal bike!)
  • Races Jenson has lost - 1 (100% record though, eh?)

Poor Jenson. That was my Goodwood weekend in numbers.