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Sidepodcast Diaries 4 - Study leave - Business cards and festival tickets help exam time pass quickly

Published by Christine

Christine is stuck at home while certain other people are out playing at Silverstone. It's not all bad though.


Christine: Hey everyone. I'm not in a very good mood today because my Sidepodcast partner in crime has gone to the F1 test at Silverstone whilst I am stuck here studying. I'm in the middle of exam week, all stressed out and everything. Supposedly, my reward is three days at Goodwood but that doesn't really seem fair. To cheer myself up, I bought myself some business cards. How cool are these things? I don't know if you can see them properly, I'll post a picture on Flickr later, probably. I've always wanted some business cards, how cool is that? I'll be giving them out at Goodwood, so make sure you come and get yours. I do think it's not fair though, I mean, business cards versus Silverstone trip? I know what I'd rather have. Anyway, catch you later.