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Sidepodcast Diaries 19 - Judging by character - Selecting the first round draws for this year's Circuit Cup

Published by Christine

Christine introduces the next round of the character cup, and pulls the names out of a hat.


Christine: Hello! Remember we ran a character cup a few months ago? It was a close run thing between Vettel and Alonso with the Spaniard finally winning out. Well, we're doing it again, only this time with circuits.

How much character does Silverstone have? How about Brazil? This is your chance to vote and decide which circuit on the 2009 calendar has the best character.

Now, in the interests of being open and honest, I'm going to put the names of all the 2009 circuits and pull them out now to create the mashups.

[Black and White] One quick note, the matchup maths dictates that we must have 16 circuits, so I'm gonna knock Abu Dhabi off the end. We haven't seen it yet anyway, so we don't know what the character's like.

[Normal] So here we go, I've got my 16 names [holds up paper], my pen was running out. And I've got my scissors [holds up scissors], so let's get started. [Starts to cut up the paper] This could take a while.

[Text on screen] Ten minutes (and one papercut) later...

Christine: [holds up cap and sprinkles the paper with circuit names on into it] Yay! First one! [selects the first one and holds it to the screen] This also could take a while.

[Quickened pace whilst drawing the rest of the names]

[Text on screen] The Matchups

Monaco vs Shanghai

Interlagos vs Valencia

Silverstone vs Spa

Singapore vs Sepang

Suzuka vs Barcelona

Albert Park vs Istanbul

Hungaroring vs Nurburgring

Bahrain vs Monaco

Christine: So there you have it. The matchups will start soon so stay tuned to and have your say on which circuit you think has the best character.