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Sidepodcast Diaries 18 - Let pictures tell the story - Testing photos get published, and a website is set up to celebrate

Published by Christine

Christine tells of the other half of Sidepodcast's recent publication, and encourages you to share your enjoyment of it at


Christine: Hello, this is just a quick diary because it occurs to me, I'm doing the exact same thing as I did last year. Woohoo, Sidepodcast Diaries is back. Uh oh, the season's started, no time to do anything. So with this one video, I am already better than last year.

I do actually have a point to my ramblings though because in this month's F1 Racing, the other half of Sidepodcast had a photo published. He was pretty excited about it and he's been insufferable ever since.

[Text reads: His comment on Sidepodcast: SIDEPODPICTURE in f1 frickin' racing magazine, baby!]

To celebrate this achievement, Alex from Sofa F1 set up a web page at The idea is for anyone who has this month's edition of F1 Racing to go out and take a picture of themselves and page 22 so that we know that people love it.

We've had some great submissions already. Alex himself took page 22 on a tour of London, Lukeh took page 22 on a bike ride, and Jackie put page 22 under the microscope. Here's me and the panda with page 22.


If you happen to have the magazine lying around and access to a camera, please take a pic and go and upload it at It would make the man's day. If you don't have the magazine, or can't be bothered, don't worry about it. His ego's too big anyway.