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Sidepodcast Diaries 17 - Let's get quizzical - Taking part in a Formula One quiz can be super fun!

Published by Christine

Christine recommends the Wednesday quiz at 8:30pm GMT. It's hard, and she always comes last, but it's still great fun.


Christine: Hello, this week I took part in a quiz at Pitlane Fanatic and it was really good fun, so I want to recommend it to you all. I hate quizzes, I am not good at thinking on the spot, and I can't remember what I had for breakfast let alone who was the fastest lap on the third Grand Prix of the 1976 season.

However, I still take part because Jolly writes some really good questions, there's a lovely bunch of people over there, and just occasionally I get an answer right. The quiz takes place each Wednesday in the chat section of You have to register for the forum, but it's free and easy, and then you can join in the fun.

There are usually 25 questions of varying degrees of difficulty, I say they're all really hard. My favourite is the Spot the Difference but that's because I am secretly five years old.

Anyway, you note your answers down, send them in and wait for the results. This week I got 10 points, which actually meant I was last. If you think you can beat me, which let's face it won't be difficult, come along on Wednesdays and we'll see who's laughing then. It will be you.