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Sidepodcast Diaries 16 - Keep fit - Video footage from the Porsche Human Performance Centre

Published by Christine

Christine shares some clips from the Sidepodtour trip to Silverstone, where they tried (and failed) to get her to partake in exercise.


Christine: Hello! A few weeks ago - sorry about that - we went to the Porsche Building at Silverstone to find out about all the different types of services they offer at the Porsche Human Performance Centre. We learnt about food, exercise, science, psychology, and even Mark Webber turned up for a chat. There's a whole podcast about the subject, so I won't go on too much, but I just wanted to share some of the video we took.

Most of it is in the fitness workshop where we learnt about resting your head on a ball, doing the most difficult stretch ever, and running about a bit.

Then we threw a mishapen ball around, and I would like it noted that I was one of the few to actually catch it.

The guy on the ball is Eliot who is super fit and has done seriously difficult endurances in a ridiculously short space of time. He also has excellent balance. I can't even sit on those things, let alone play catch.

One of the more fun activities is the Batak Wall. How cute is that? See you next week.