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Sidepodcast Diaries 15 - Nice work if you can get it - Thoughts on Ron Dennis and his role in Formula One

Published by Christine

Christine ponders Ron Dennis's recent announcement that he'll be turning up to many of the races in 2009, despite changing jobs.


Christine: Hello. This week, Ron Dennis said he would be turning up to most, if not all Grands Prix this season. Big surprise. When he announced he was "stepping aside", we all said well, it's the end of an era, but he's never going to be able to give it up completely. Turns out that was true. However, this has raised some thoughts that I just wanted to share with you.

  1. If you leave your job, but then continue to hang around, isn't that a little bit weird?
  2. I'm sure he said he didn't want to have to organise his schedule around Grand Prix weekends. Maybe he's not going to have as much work as he's leading us to believe.
  3. He says he'll be in the paddock as an "influential member and proponent of FOTA." Any excuse for some Ronspeak, I suppose, but does this really mean he just doesn't want Ferrari getting their own way all the time?
  4. I feel sorry for Martin Whitmarsh because it's not nice having your boss look over your shoulder all the time.
  5. His two reasons for turning up at the races were the FOTA thing and quite simply because he loves the sport. Can't argue with that, if I was in his position I would do exactly the same thing.