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Sidepodcast Diaries 14 - Work of art - The best bits of the 2009 Autosport International show

Published by Christine

Christine relives Autosport International with some clips from the show, covering DTM, art, and well, Franck.


Christine: Welcome to Sidepodcast Diaries. This week I want to share with you some video we took at Autosport International. Now, it's not great quality, I think I mentioned a couple of weeks ago we were more focused on taking good photographs, but there are some bits of interest, so we'll give it a go.

This first clip features DTM drivers Susie Stoddart, Paul di Resta and Jamie Green. We're interested in Susie because she's a girl in motorsport. We're interested in Paul di Resta because he's a name in the F1 paddock. Unfortunately, I cut Jamie off before he had a chance to speak. The audio is terrible, so I will provide subtitles.


Susie: I couldn't even explain it, because I just see myself as a racing driver. I don't see myself as something special or something different. I think I can speak for Katherine as well, we're out there to do the best job we can. It's nothing about competing with each other, it's about being the best overall racing driver we can be.

Henry Hope-Frost: Paul di Resta, a very, very exciting championship for you in 2008. You missed out on the title by a whisker in the final round. Pretty pleased with your efforts?

Paul: Yea, I mean overall we have to be very pleased. It's very disappointing to be third at the end of the year, we came very close, but you have to be realistic about it. We put a lot of effort in. Jamie, and all my other team members, engineers, everybody through the whole team.

Henry: Are you in a position to say yet what you're going to be doing in 2009?

Paul: No, I mean, we're not entirely sorted for 2009. But we're very close. Being part of the Mercedes McLaren group, it's always good opportunities.

[End clip]

Christine: Of course there was only one driver I was interested in seeing, and what do you know, the video camera accidentally switched itself on!

[Clip of Franck]

Christine: This next clip makes me distinctly uncomfortable but also, it's just plain weird.

[Clip of artist using rubber tyre to paint with]

Christine: [V/O] There was quite a crowd watching, but I'm not sure they were appreciative of the artistic form. One person said: Why doesn't he just get a brush? The other one said: It's really just an excuse to get messy, isn't it?

Christine: Another clip of the same guy, only this time he's using a remote control car. Now, I wouldn't call myself an art expert, but I really don't think that's working.

[Clip of artist using remote control car to paint with]

Christine: This next clip, however, does feature a work of art.

[Clip of Franck]

Christine: I only have one more clip for you. The picture quality isn't great, I think the lights at Autosport sent the camera a bit screwy, all I can say is: How much do I want to be that girl?

[Clip of Franck]

Christine: [sighs, dreamily]