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Sidepodcast Diaries 10 - Impatience - Desperately trying to pass the time before the 2008 F1 season begins

Published by Christine

Christine waits impatiently for the season to start.


Christine: It's about this time of year that I get completely bored of testing and impatient for the season to start. I spend the whole winter defending testing, saying of course it's useful, we can get so much good information out of that, but of course, everyone knows that's not true.

[Sighs] The time difference from here to Australia, it doesn't happen to be 20 days does it?

I'm surrounding myself with as much F1 stuff as I can to try and fill the void. I've got my season guide, I've got my F1 Racing, I've even bought myself a new hat.

Yes people, I am an addict. This is withdrawal symptoms.

Look what I've done to my Formula 1 magazines, and my phone makes this noise. [plays: The Chain]

March had better get here quick or you'll find me painting these walls with a chequered flag and my landlady would not like that.