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Sidepodcast Diaries 1 - En route to London - An in-car conversation with the Sidepodcast hosts

Published by Christine

Because you can't get enough Sidepodcast, we're now bringing you little sneak peeks into life behind the scenes.


Christine: Welcome to Sidepodcast TV. We're on the road.

Me: Where are we on the road?

Christine: We're on the motorway, heading towards London.

Me: Nice day, isn't it?

Christine: It's a lovely day and once again we're stuck in the car.

Me: Okay, and why are we going to London today?

Christine: We're going to London to network with some international media types.

Me: Right!

Christine: Get our name out there.

Me: Okay.

Christine: Make sure we're known.

Me: Right.

Christine: We're spreading the Sidepodcast brand is what we're doing.

Me: Is that right? Oh, it's a brand now is it?

Christine: Sidepodcast Media, watch this space.

Christine: We've hit a bit of traffic now which is rubbish.

Me: What are we hoping to achieve today?

Christine: What I just said! All that stuff I just said, all that good stuff. Spreading the Sidepodcast name, getting the brand out there, making sure people are, you know, liking our stuff, specifically the videos.

Me: I cannot take the Sidepodcast brand seriously.

Christine: Sidepodcast Media.

Me: Sidepodcast Media.

Christine: What's wrong with that?

Me: Nothing.

Christine: I'd like to see you come up with a better name.

Me: What's news in the world of Formula 1 at the moment?

Christine: Not a hell of a lot, really. The only thing I read yester... I haven't checked my news today, to be honest. But yesterday all I read was that someone was doing something, setting up an academy or something.

Me: That's a great bit of news.

Christine: Yea. Someone was doing something.

Me: That's great journalism.

Christine: It was great.

Me: It was great.

Christine: No, someone's setting up a motor academy. Is it Fisichella or Heidfeld or someone?

Me: Okay.

Christine: But that was it, it was the only bit of news I could find, it was rubbish.

Me: I heard the FIA have awarded the first contract to a British company.

Christine: What contract?

Me: For creating a CVT renewable energy type mechanism. There's a company that makes these things, like a research and development company, and they've been awarded the contract for the FIA to start developing the FIA's green initiative projects.

Christine: Right.

Me: So things are underway, even though no one's agreed to nothing.

Christine: I don't understand, why is it an outside company developing something?

Me: I think the FIA, because, I guess the FIA have to become impartial. They might have chosen those rather than a manufacturer, or these guys might...

Christine: So they're just developing the technology and then the other teams will, like, buy it.

Me: Hold on, bit of traffic here.

Christine: Honestly, tell us your news, don't drive. Stop paying attention to the road.

Me: Well, the thing is, it's a difficult one. I don't know. No one's saying what the plan is but I think it might become a standard part in which case the FIA could put it out to tender, like they've done with the ECU for 2008 with McLaren or a subsidiary of McLaren have designed and built it. All the teams will then run it. So maybe the plan is for this renewable energy source to be built by one company and then it will be given to all the teams. Or it might just be that they're doing research.

Christine: So eventually, all the teams are going to end up exactly the same because they'll all be running the same parts.

Me: Well, hopefully Formula 1 won't become a one make series like GP2 but I guess it could happen. Certainly it's getting nearer to that fate isn't it?

Christine: Also I read that Ferrari aren't completely miserable.

Me: Are they? Why?

Christine: They're looking forward to... they think they're going to do really well at the next race.

Me: Because they got trounced in Monaco?

Christine: Yea.

Me: They should do well here. They've never gone badly as far as I recall in Canada. They have the brake technology

Christine: Because Canada is heavy on braking, you know.

Me: It's heavy on braking, and they have better brake technology, I think, than McLaren do at the moment. So I would expect to see the McLaren suffering from two thirds distance on brakes, especially with Alonso not being too chuffed with his choice of brake material. So I guess the Canadian race is going to come alive about lap 35. That's when things are going to start getting interesting. That's when things start wearing out.

Christine: So it's kind of different to all the other races because usually you're looking forward to the first lap, the first corner.

Me: Yea, well, the first lap is bound to be good because the first corner's a bit crazy. But it's going to be a race of attrition, I think. It's gonna be a race of worn out parts.

Christine: Do you think anyone's going to suffer in the Wall of Champions?

Me: Ooh, that's a good question. Yes, is the answer.

Christine: Who?

Me: Oh.

Christine: Make some predictions, go on. I dare you.

Me: Oh lordy, okay. Who is looking a bit ragged?

Christine: Hamilton.

Me: Yea, but he made a mistake last race.

Christine: I'd love that.

Me: Would ya? But then everyone's going to suggest he's going to be some kind of future champion because he hit the Wall of Champions.

Christine: True. I think that's a given anyway, isn't it?

Me: Yea, I suppose so. No, I don't think Hamilton will, not this time. Alonso's already done it so he'll be wary. Button's done it so he'll be wary.

Christine: Button the champion, he's done it.

Me: Button the champion. Jenson Button. How is Jenson by the way?

Christine: Not too bad.

Me: Good. Good to hear.

Christine: Don't forget to buy your Honda tickets for the charity day.

Me: Oh s***.

Christine: Family friendly show! I wasn't telling you, I was telling them.

Christine: They went on sale yesterday, didn't they?

Me: Why didn't we buy them?

Christine: Because I forgot.

Me: Did we not want to go?

Christine: Yes, we did want to go, because we'd get to see Jenson Button.

Me: ****

Christine: Well, we'll see if there are any left and if not, you know, we'll get some contributors to tell us what happened.

Me: Obviously not meant to be. I can't believe it.

Christine: It's not like we're not busy enough.

Me: No.

Christine: When is it anyway? Isn't it July?

Me: Week before Silverstone.

Christine: July is our busy month.

Me: It's not, is it?


Me: I thought this month was our busy month.

Christine: All months are busy months in Sidepodcastland.

Me: What are we doing in July that makes it so busy?

Christine: Well, we also have a wedding to go to.

Me: When?

Christine: Pardon?

Me: When?

Christine: In July.

Me: Whose?

Christine: Do you want to fall out on camera?