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Sidepodcast comes to Boston - A meetup on the other side of the Atlantic

Published by Mr. C

Sidepodcast crosses the Atlantic Ocean this weekend, both metaphorically and physically, as Bassano and Janna form a special envoy and head west in the name of international diplomacy. And beer.

If you find yourself near the small town of Boston, Massachusetts you may find the two of them, plus Kai sitting in a bar somewhere nearby. I am led to believe that Boston is the largest city in New England, but I only know it as the home of Cheers, so I hope that is the bar they choose.

The three Sidepodcast musketeers
The three Sidepodcast musketeersCredit: Bassano

Local boy, and Sidepodcast's one-time Italian corespondent, Scott, will also be present to complete this truly global occasion, along with hopefully many others. If you are situated anywhere in the vicinity of the top-right corner of the United States, we absolutely insist that you stop by and say "hello" for this inaugural Sidepodcast meetup on western soil.

Christine and I of course wish we could be there for such a momentous occasion. I am insanely jealous that so many fantastic people have travelled so far to be together in one location, all in the name of Formula 1. We shall of course be raising a glass (or four) via the medium of real-time commenting, while wishing good times on those able to attend.

Don't forget, for those in attendance, we are expecting a group shot outside the Cheers bar entrance. It is after all, the spiritual home of the Sidepodcast comments.