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Sidelining an Aside - Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end

Published by Mr. C

If you follow us on Twitter (and you should, frankly we're a lot of fun) you'll know the Aside with Joe series of podcasts have come to end. After 77 episodes and more than 66 hours of F1 discussion recorded since 2009, it is time to draw this particular chapter to a close. For the record Joe would like you to know that it was he who shot first, not Han.

If you only subscribed to our podcasts for Joe's insight, you should unsubscribe now. You'll save both us and yourselves a lot of wasted bandwidth.

Woman listening to Sidepodcast (probably)

A few folks have reached out concerned that the discussion started during the final Aside episode wasn't over and that there is a lot more to say about misogyny and Formula 1. Rest assured we have not been derailed by this particular train-wreck and intend to discuss matters further in future podcasts - this time with a more diverse selection of contributors.

In terms of the immediate future, we are more motivated and determined than ever to promote equality within the sport. We will continue to demand action from owners, teams, drivers and other key stakeholders. In a recent post about Danny Watts I wrote that "fans have the biggest part to play" in dragging motorsport out of the dark ages and that applies to ourselves just as much as it does to anyone else.

Look out for more podcasts, more articles and more community outreach this year. In racing terms it is already feeling like it will be a corker of a season. Thank you to Joe for his time these past eight years. We wish him well.