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Shut the door on your way out // Christian Horner raises eyebrows with some choice Coulthard comments

Published by Christine

Coulthard and Horner

It would appear that Christian Horner is no longer sugar coating things now that David Coulthard's tenure at the team is almost up. Having had a very difficult season, Horner admits that the blame is somewhat one-sided:

David has unfortunately had a disappointing year. Nothing has gone his way. Before this year he’d had only a couple of accidents with Red Bull Racing. I think this year he has had 10 and that has cost us and David very dearly in points. Too often we have been relying on one car and that’s been very hard for us.

- Christian Horner

He adds that the whole team is looking forward to the injection of a bit of enthusiasm from a certain German youngster, and they basically can't wait for 2009 to roll around.

This raises quite a few questions in my book. Firstly, is this really the way to talk about someone who's career is almost over, and who you are hoping will return and give you some pointers in the seasons to come? Secondly, is Horner really that frustrated or has he just given up on this year altogether? Finally, if he felt that strongly about Coulthard, why wouldn't he have ditched him earlier in the year?

I don't mind admitting I'm a little baffled by Horner. While his comments are not outwardly malicious, they do seem to be something of an unneccessary slur on the otherwise good name of Coulthard. We all know that the Scot's F1 journey is coming to an end, so would it be that hard to just let him bow out somewhat gracefully? Okay, ten crashes in a season isn't exactly a stylish exit, but perhaps certain things are better left unsaid?

There have been plenty of rumours suggesting Christian's job is on the line, although I'm not sure there have been any major developments in this area. He's been doing a good job until this season's slump, although the fact that the team are finishing seventh behind Toro Rosso is just a little embarrassing. I can't imagine that he'd take it out on Coulthard, when there has been so much respect between the pair previously. Considering that they're likely going to have to work together in the future, whether at Red Bull or as part of any journalistic endeavours, you would think keeping things friendly would be a priority. Then again, perhaps Horner is more worried about welcoming Vettel into the fold rather than waving goodbye to DC.

Finally, during this week's live streaming, we discussed the fact that there haven't been any driver changes so far this season, and it looks unlikely they'll be any last minute swaps in Brazil. According to, there hasn't been a season until this one, in which there have only been two drivers for each team enter the championship. That is an amazing statistic, and I am at a loss to suggest why this year has seen such consistency. Are contracts so much tighter that it's getting harder to swap people around? Has safety improved such that there have been no incidents worthy of a sicknote? Or has everyone performed to expectations so there are no complaints from team bosses.

Except Horner, of course.