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Show them how it's done - The FOTA logo needs an overhaul, and you are just the person to do it

Published by Christine

With a grand press conference due to take place in Geneva tomorrow, there's plenty of speculation about what the Formula One Teams' Association will be announcing to the media. They say they want to discuss their plans for the future of F1, and from what we can tell, that vision may differ significantly from anything the powers-that-be have in mind.

Today's Weekly Grapevine on (subscription required) makes mention of the association's desire to extract more money from Bernie and more power from Max. However, it seems unlikely anything is going to vastly change, at least not in the short term.

FOTA logo

One thing that does need to change, and quickly, is the official FOTA logo. If you've read the aforementioned article you'll likely have spotted the following "mess" masquerading as a design.

It's not good. If anything is in need of a revamp, FOTA first need to look a little closer to home.

We can help them though. In the past the Sidepodcommunity has stepped up to the design plate and helped Jenson colour his helmet, offered Branson his very own Formula One logo, and solved many other artistic related challenges.

If you fancy having a go please add your contributions to the drop, and if we get enough submissions, maybe we'll hold a poll to select the best one. There's no prize at stake of course, nor will FOTA pay the blindest bit of notice, but if you're victorious, you'll know you can design better than the whole of the F1 paddock combined. Money can't buy that kind of kudos.