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Sergio Pérez slams Pastor Maldonado after collision at Silverstone - Sauber driver fumes following race ending crash

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Credit: Sauber Motorsport AG

In an interview with the BBC following his early exit from the British Grand Prix, Sergio Pérez openly criticised rival Pastor Maldonado's driving abilities, suggesting other F1 drivers have also voiced concerns about his approach to racing.

Pérez put blame for a 12th lap incident squarely at the Venezuelan driver's door. The collision saw him retire from the race and dropped Maldonado down the order.

"Pastor is a driver that doesn't respect other drivers. As a matter of fact, I was already in front, and if not, he should have given me enough space not to crash. He tried to push me all the way to the outside.

"I really don't understand the way he's driving the last three or four races, he's done something to someone. He did the same thing to me in Valencia, and they just gave him a drive through. It's not enough, and he will never learn."

A clearly angry Pérez then called on race stewards to take measures against Maldonado, although he stopped short of suggesting what.

Everybody has concerns about him. He's a driver that doesn't respect, doesn't know that we are risking our lives. No respect at all, and the way he's driving, I think the stewards really have to do something by now.

He does affect many other drivers, I'm not the only one.

- Sergio Pérez

Pastor Maldonado went on to finish the race in 16th; afterwards he defended his actions and blamed the contact on cold tyres, claiming the position was his.

"It was a very disappointing moment because the race was going good for us. I was coming out of the pit with cold tyres, was on the inside of the corner, so the corner was mine.

"I tried to defend, on the entry, I just lost the rear of the car, I think with cold tyres. I'm disappointed because I compromised both races."

When asked specifically about Pérez's comments, Pastor did not appear to take the criticisms to heart.

He can say whatever he wants. We are racing, we were trying to do our best on track. I was trying to defend the position, he was trying to gain the position, this is racing, you know.

If I see him, yes [I'll speak to him], why not.

- Pastor Maldonado

For their part, race stewards said they would look into the incident after the conclusion of the race. They reprimanded Maldonado and fined him €10,000 EUR for causing a collision with Pérez.