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September 2013 recap - Getting geometrical - New post formats continue to appear, whilst our guest writers get busy

Published by Christine

Formula One got really back into the swing of the second half of the season in September, with the Italian and Singapore races completed, and the paddock gearing up for the Korean race this very week. On Sidepodcast, we continued to get creative with post designs, whilst it was a bumper month for excellent content to go in the new formats as well.

Formula One in September

The Italian Grand Prix had all the passion, the Singapore race had all the spectacle, but between them, the special racing that the first half of the season had to offer seemed to be missing. Still plenty of races to go though!

Shows in September

It's been a quiet week on the podcast front, with a few technical problems on the live server front. F1 Digest's preview for each race continued though, with a roundup of what to expect for both events in the month.

Sidepodcast in September

This month we were very excited to reveal some new shapes and sizes for articles on the site - although they're very browser-dependent at the moment. Mr C wrote a slightly more detailed report at the time, but suffice to say that if you're looking at a couple of posts on browsers that support the technology, you'll get pointy Williams pictures, or fancy magazine-style columns.

There's a lot more we can play around with, and hopefully more of the web world will start to support the features along the way as well. As Mr C himself says: "The future of web layout is just starting to get interesting, and we very much look forward to helping make reading about Formula 1 all the more enjoyable."

Features in September

A great lineup of feature articles appeared last month, with Will on top form with his last Tech Spec column on suspension, before disappearing for a spot of paternity leave (congrats!). We also saw the return of the very popular Talk on Corners with a look at where Paul di Resta's future in Formula One could be.

Stuart's brilliant cartoons continue to dazzle as well as amuse, with an evil Vettel in one, and a nerdy Hulk in the other. You can't miss out on these!

Adam's hard work on his post-race driver of the day reviews also continued in September, with a bit of praise for the aforementioned Vettel after Italy, and some love for the injured driver in Singapore.

Posts in September

A collection of regular features alongside bonus posts from your Sidepodcast hosts, as well as fantastic guest articles. Thoughts this month range from how F1 is faring in Asia, how great the onboard footage is, just what Kimi will be like at Ferrari, a personal experience from Monza, and some very hard design work in an unusual form.

Hidden gems in September

Alongside all the Formula One live commenting we've done over the past few weeks, there have been other events on the calendar as well. The Great British Bake Off continues to be a delicious favourite, but we also found time for a spot of Australian Ice Hockey which was being live streamed. September also saw the return of the NFL season, with a regular event supplied by Will.

Back to F1, the Scrapbook on Sidepodcast has been super busy this month, with lots of little snippets we want to remember. For example, Alonso's amazing selfie at Monza, all the fuss over Hamilton's hat, and a great example of the difference in personalities at Marussia.

With all that, plus some bonus Franck, I'd say September was a pretty successful month!

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