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Sebastian Vettel wins 2010 F1 World Championship - Red Bull's German driver becomes the youngest champion to date

Published by Christine

This morning we had four drivers mathematically able to win the championship. Most people thought that Alonso had it sewn up, although Vettel was the one starting from pole position. The fight for the title was essentially over in the first few laps of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, when Ferrari made a strategy call - and it turned out to be the wrong one. Vettel led from pole position, and crossed the line first, becoming the youngest ever F1 World Champion.

Sebastian Vettel - F1 2010 World Champion
Sebastian Vettel - F1 2010 World ChampionCredit: Paul Gilham/Getty Images

His tears on the podium showed how much it meant to him, and what a turbulent year it has been.

I think we have seen incredible fights and a tight season. I don't know how many times we had a different leader in this championship. Some people got written off in this championship very early, then they came back... All of us can try to talk about races where we should have finished in higher positions. All of us, I think, we had to go through ups and downs. It has been extremely intense and a tough season mentally. Sometimes to be able to ignore what people are saying and to get your own thing done. I'm very, very proud.

- Sebastian Vettel

All of the five top drivers have had a scrappy year, but it comes down to not buckling under the pressure. Things have been strained in the Red Bull paddock, and whatever you think of the team orders/favouritism issue, being able to keep his head in the right frame of mind, means he is right up there with the champions of years gone by.

Red Bull secured the constructor's title last weekend, and today they made it a double. There was no champagne on the podium to be sprayed, but I bet there is plenty flowing in the garage as I type.