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Sidepodcast Scrapbook

For the longest time Christine and I had been utilising third-party sites to store arbitrary collections of stuff that didn't sit well anywhere else.

Once upon a time we used a handy service called, before they sold out to Facebook. More recently it was Posterous before they too sold up, only this time to Twitter. There have been others in between, but the trend is getting repetitive.

Prompted by the now imminent closure of the latter service, we've found some free time to create our own solution, one that no-one is going to pimp out to the highest bidder. It shall be known simply as the Sidepodcast Scrapbook.

Scrapbook challenge

Much like a physical scrapbook, this online equivalent is a place to preserve all manner of interesting things, be they images, text or video. Specifically things that don't warrant a post all of their own, but are worth keeping for posterity nonetheless.

Integration into this site means that for the first time people are able to comment on shared content and, should the need arise, we can also handle a guest snippet or two.

All the extracts currently published elsewhere will eventually be merged into this site, meaning you can find, filter and enjoy them as you would any other content. Eventually we'll be able to do many more engaging things with them too.

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