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Schumacher still here - Ferrari give the ex-champ an unspecified team role

Published by Christine

Okay, yes, the big news of the day involves Michael Schumacher. Again. Even though he's retired now. Hrumph.

Ferrari have already shown that they'd do anything for their world champion ex-driver, and we know that he's hardly likely to show allegiance to anyone else anytime soon. So, it's no surprise that Ferrari have offered Schumacher a role within their company, and he's accepted.

The position doesn't appear to have a title but looks like it involves being in close contact with Jean Todt and also putting in his two cents on the driver selections for the F1 team. I mean, granted, he does have a lot of experience and obviously a lot of talent, but do we really know what kind of a judge of character he is?

Schumacher's comments on the subject:

For the moment I just want to get away from things and turn my attentions to my new life.

- Michael Schumacher

Yes. It really looks that way.