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Sauber turn F1 inside out - Swiss team bare all to show their best side

Published by Mr. C

Back in 2006, the BMW Sauber F1 Team created a unique visitor attraction with the aim of making the world of Formula One more accessible to race fans. Dubbed the Pit Lane Park, the team quite literally opened up their motoring world with all manner of interactive attractions, including a cockpit that fans could climb into and look beneath the skin of their F1 car.

Although BMW have long since exited the sport, the Sauber team haven't lost the desire to reach out and inform fans. They may be more financially constrained these days, but their latest video still manages to provide a unique look at what goes on under the bodywork.

For the past two years mechanics in Hinwill have been spending their downtime slicing a chassis in half, lengthways. From the tip of the nose to the very edge of the brake light, they are now able to reveal exactly what makes up a modern F1 car.

Chief Designer Matthew Morris provides a tour of the cutaway, analysing many of the lesser seen components before Sergio Pérez is roped in to demonstrate how the driver fits in to the picture. Look out for a fantastic explanation of how an F1 fuel tank works, as well as the position and function of many other key parts.

Sauber have created an outstanding video, one that no motor racing fan will want to miss, and, in the process, continued their tradition of informing and educating in a highly original manner.