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Sauber add a dash of colour to the 2015 grid - The team look to move away from their zero points last season

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With the Sauber launch comes the first real surprise of the 2015 batch of F1 cars. They've opted for a bright blue and yellow livery, in stark contrast to their grey paintwork from seasons gone by. The blue is eye-catching, but it also makes it quite clear how few sponsors the team actually have. Banco do Brasil sit snugly on the sidepods, with a few other names scattered around for good luck.

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Credit: Sauber Motorsport AG

"This is in the past and we now focus on what comes next"

Although the revised paint scheme has come from their main deal with the Brazilian bank, it's also a sign of a complete restart for the team, wiping the slate clean and beginning again.

As team principal Monisha Kaltenborn says: "2014 was a very disappointing year. However, this is in the past and we now focus on what comes next."

They've got two new drivers on board, with Marcus Ericsson alongside rookie Felipe Nasr, and now the pair have a new car to play with as well. The C34 has the mandatory lower nose, but the team have focused on aerodynamics around the front wheels and improving the car's response around low-speed corners.

Cooling of the power unit has been revised, with the radiators changing to a horizontal position, and tighter bodywork around the sidepods to benefit in the wind tunnel. As with all the teams, this is just the first iteration of an ongoing process, and there will be updates in Jerez and before the first race in Australia too.

The team are heading into their 23rd season in F1, not a very round number to celebrate, but with the demise of two other outfits heading into 2015, Sauber are proud to be the fourth oldest brand in the sport. There's a lot to improve upon from 2014 though. They may be smug to still be around this year, but it does put them last in the championship standings. Sauber scored zero points last year, for the first time in their F1 history.

Monisha has it under control though: "We have learned our lessons and are confident for the new season. We have to improve, and be able to fight for championship points."

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Credit: Sauber Motorsport AG

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