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Saturday @ British GP, 2007 - Making the most of Kangaroo TV during qualifying at Silverstone

Published by Christine

Our main priority for Saturday morning, aside from finding a cure for a hangover, was to grab our copy of the Red Bulletin, and pick up a Kangaroo TV. We’d baulked at the price a little, but having been clueless on the action on Friday, it seemed to be worth every penny.

It was.

We consumed Free Practice 3 from the Grandstands, to test out the K-TV in its natural habitat. Finally, we had a clue what was happening, who was out on track, who was fast and who was not.

Free Practice 3 - Alex Wurz

Of course, you can always see some of the action, the bit directly in front of where you’re sitting. For instance, Wurz spun his Williams right in front of us. Unfortunately, the camera was playing up and I didn’t get a shot of it. Okay, maybe it wasn’t the camera in this particular instance, but our poor piece of kit was struggling with being outside in the damp for such extended lengths of time. Honest.

Anyway, we left the grandstands for lunch, which turned out to be a big mistake. When we headed back for qualifying, we couldn’t get in to any of the seats, even though we had roving access passes. They were all full. It turns out that the stewards had made a slight error and allowed non-pass holders into the grandstands, filled them all up, and now had to refuse entry to people like us, with passes. Not a great showing of the Silverstone organisation credentials, but never fear, we found a seat, and enjoyed Qualifying from the confines of a grandstand.

Free Practice 3 - Anthony Davidson

When Hamilton got pole, the crowd roared. It was an incredible noise, and it made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. We were somewhat nonplussed about the whole thing, having hoped others might reign supreme but also because it was so obviously going to happen. He’s super quick, and a blinding lap in front of his home crowd was the least I was expecting.

With the on track action over for the day, it was time for a bit of celeb-spotting. Returning to the merchandise stands, it was a joy to see Franck Montagny at the Toyota area. Yay.

Franck Montagny

We returned to our Honda dwelling, and as the evening drew on, the pub quiz was announced. The idea behind this was teams would be created based on which tents you were sleeping in, and each team would be assigned a Honda “celebrity.” Such personnel included Jenson Button, Matt Neal, Takuma Sato, Anthony Davidson and more. We had Gil de Ferran on our team, which would have been exciting, except for the fact that JB was sitting about a foot from me.

Jenson Button

Each team captain got up to ask a couple of questions for the quiz, ably hosted by Ms Vicki Butler-Henderson. The questions were tough, a couple about the personality and many about Honda and their environmental aims. I didn’t get any right. But then I wasn’t listening. Did you read how close I was to Jenson?

Team de Ferran came joint 5th, which wasn’t all that good, but it was just supposed to be a bit of fun. And it really was jolly fun! Where else would you get to see so many famous names and faces?

Gil de Ferran

We returned to our tent on a bit of a high that night, happy that there was an entire race still to be enjoyed.