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Safety's our problem, not yours - The FIA tell the GPDA to mind their own business

Published by Christine

The president of the FIA Max Mosley has been telling off the GPDA that they should keep their noses out of the safety issue involved in circuits. The Grand Prix Driver's Association has been expressing concerns about safety at Barcelona, and earlier this year at Monza.

Mosley has gone on the record in the most recent issue of F1 Racing magazine to say that the drivers do not understand the complex issues behind driver safety and should leave it to the technical experts.

A GPDA director once told me that he would be safer on wide slicks because the cars would stop quicker. I said that even I could prove on one sheet of paper that slicks were more dangerous - the greater the grip, the worse the accident. Yet, today, things are even more complex. No driver would want to redesign the electronics on his car, so why try to overrule our safety experts.

- Max Mosley

See, and there was me under the impression that all the F1 drivers loved the danger and thrill of the race.