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Running just as fast as we can - Update your Fantasy Racers teams for the Singapore Grand Prix

Published by Christine

Please do not forget to update your Fantasy Racers team.

Sidepodcast Racers are running just as fast as we can, but let's be honest, it isn't very fast at all. We are performing pitifully, and it's all because of my crazy systems. However, that doesn't mean I'm going to stop now, oh no. I've got another random selection coming up shortly.

At the beginning of the season, I said "The Racers" were just sandbagging, but I think I might have got that confused with actually doing really badly. If we're sandbagging, we've left it a little bit late to do anything about it. Even Räikkönen couldn't make up the gap I've created to the top.

In which case, let's have some more fun. This week I've chosen:

Fernando Alonso9.9
Jarno Trulli6.0
Nelson Piquet6.9
Sebastian Vettel5.2
Timo Glock5.8

My reasoning behind this comes from loving the battle for fourth place in the constructor's championship. Toyota and Renault are fighting it out, and currently on equal points. Therefore, I've chosen both Toyota drivers, and both Renault boys, and I've thrown in Vettel, just because I had money left over, and I like him.

Feel free to share your team, if it's not a secret, and let us know how you came to your decision. Changes must be made by 5pm BST.