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Run, Christine, run - An attempt to raise money for motorsport charities

Published by Christine

If you follow my personal blog at all, you might have noticed a couple of posts about running. It's quite strange, because I have never liked running, I'm not very sporty, and I don't really like the outdoors. Yet, I don't seem to have given up on this new form of exercise, and so I figured, why not take advantage of it.

Way back when I first mentioned running on Twitter, Jon pointed out the Big Fun Run initiative - basically lots and lots of 5K runs scattered throughout the country. People sign up and run for whatever reason they like, be it for charity or just because they like running. I scoffed. As if I would ever be able to go more than five minutes jogging at a time without keeling over.


The idea of taking part in a race is pretty terrifying. I've never run with anyone else, and I know I look like a complete idiot as I am lolloping along. The last time I had to run in a race was at school, and I had to give up because everyone else had finished and was waiting to go home.

As a bit of motivation, an added incentive (some would call it that, I call it self-inflicted pressure), I thought perhaps doing it for charity was a good thing.

Here we are then: Sponsor Me.

I picked one of the last races on the Big Fun Run list, because that means it is pretty far away. Over 50 days at the moment. Plenty of time to turn myself into Paula Radcliffe, I'm sure.

I picked the Grand Prix Mechanics Charitable Trust, as they were a name that came up when we undertook the Sidepodradio marathon. They lost out to Wings for Life at the time, but now we can make up for that.

That's it really. Sponsor me if you like. I'm going to go and bang my head against a wall and ponder what I have signed up for.